Our focus is on art direction, graphic design and photography for books, magazines and websites for great chefs, gourmet restaurants, hotels as well as communication and web projects for food&drink aligned productions and retail companies.

With our experienced Creative Director and Photographer Tommas Bried and our international network of creatives and specialists we ensure a highest level of professionalism and quality. Tommas Bried was a co-founder together with Mike Meiré and Marc Meiré of one of the first holistic German design agencies. As a partner and Creative Director he worked 15 years for Meiré und Meiré in the fields of Brand Development, Editorial and Corporate Design for international clients. > Website of Meiré und Meiré

Characterized by his love for excellent food and wine, as well as his diverse and long lasting experience in the international gourmet scene, he has been working for us as a consultant and art director for gastronomic projects for many years. In his collaboration with Tre Torri, one of the leading German food & beverage publishers, he has been working as an art director and photographer for many years on extraordinary book projects. > Tommas Bried Portfolio

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